Non-English Panzer Dragoon Websites

Panzer Dragoon websites in languages other than English. This includes sites in Japanese, German, and French.

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Azel Panzer Dragoon (Japanese, Web Archive)

It has what looks like a novel of Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG. Also a comic based on Panzer Dragoon Zwei can be found here.

Fly high Pandra (Japanese)

A simple page on Panzer Dragoon which is rather meaningless unless you understand Japanese.

Panzer Dragoon Academy (Japanese)

Lots of info and a forum for Japanese Panzer Dragoon fans. There is a section called the "Panzer Dragoon III Project" which appears to relate to the Xbox sequel.

Panzer Dragoon Arts (French)

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A French Panzer Dragoon website made using Flash. It has a forum for French Panzer fans. The site uses the Panzer sound effects for the menus.

Panzer Dragoon Language Dictionary (Japanese Version, Web Archive)

These people were translating the Panzer Dragoon language into Japanese. The site is no longer online, but a web archive is available.

Panzer Dragoon Revival Movement (Japanese)

Also hosted on SEGACLUB, this appears to be a petition to get SEGA to release a new Panzer Dragoon game. An English translation of the site is also available.

Panzer Force (Japanese, Web Archive)

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An archive of a small Panzer Dragoon site with very little content. Most of the images weren't archived properly, but the other content may be of use to someone.

Sega Japan: Panzer Dragoon Orta (Japanese)

The official Panzer Dragoon Orta page on SEGA's Japanese website.

Team Andromeda Presents... (Japanese, Web Archive)

Once this was Team Andromeda's official website, but it was taken down after they split up. This is a web archive of the site, recorded in the Wayback Machine.

The Book of Azel: Panzer Dragoon Saga Bible (German, Web Archive)

This archived site has most of the content found in the English sites, only in German. A good place to go for information if you're a German-speaking Panzer Dragoon fan.

The Twilight Primary School (Japanese)

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A Japanese Panzer Dragoon page that features original artwork and a Panzer-sounding MP3. There is also a 'Panzer Dragoon Side Story' with more than 15 episodes!

We Love Panzer Dragoon!! (Japanese, Web Archive)

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Part of the SEGACLUB website, not only does 'We Love Panzer Dragoon' have a fitting name but also has some good MIDIs and artwork.

'Windmills' Panzer Dragoon Fanpage (Japanese)

Although the text is incomprehensible to English-speakers, there is a lot of Panzer Dragoon artwork here, making Windmills an essential visit. There is an English version too.

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