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Written by fans, these stories extend the Panzer Dragoon universe beyond what is told in the canonical storyline.

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A story set near the time of the Saturn Panzer games. Those who know the author well enough should be able to guess what the title means. (discontinued)

A Dragon Called Lagi

Simply the author's own take on Episode 1 of Panzer Dragoon Orta. This short one-shot is meant to depict the relationship between the dragon, Lagi, and its rider, Orta. (complete)

A Trial of Endurance

A story that occurs in parallel to the events of Panzer Dragoon Orta, told from the perspective of a technician aboard the Vermana. (to be continued)

Azel's Journey

This story explains what happens to Azel after the conclusion of Panzer Dragoon Saga in her search for Edge. (discontinued)


A small reinterpretation of Lundi's final moment with Lagi as well as a continuation. (to be continued)


Tells of the struggles the Seekers have to face in a harsh new world, altered by the destruction of Sestren. (discontinued)

Mammoth Keys to Resplendence

A poetic piece of fan fiction that tells the story of the original Panzer Dragoon through the eyes of an Imperial soldier. (complete)

Panzer Dragoon: War of Dawn

This fanfic is a sequel to Panzer Dragoon Saga of sorts. It carries on straight from where the final Saturn title left off. (complete)

Panzer Dragoon X

A story about humans, drones, and dragons who have to face someone called the 'Final Being'. The story is mostly told in the form of diary entries. (to be continued)

Panzer Dragoon Zero

A prequel to the Panzer Dragoon trilogy that tells the story of how a group of Seekers rose up and became the Empire. (to be continued)

Philosophy Of The Guild

A new story told from an Imperial point of view. A secret guild within the crumbling Empire now attempts to break free from its control with its own noble goals for the future of humanity. (to be continued)

Scourage of the Terrablossom

Edge pops out of the Astral Plane ten years after the destruction of Sestren, finding himself in a very different world than he remembers. (to be continued)

Scourage of the Terrablossom: Deluxe DVD Version

This story begins with an evil cult meddling with the very DNA of the creatures created in the Ancient Age, in their desperate attempt to save the world. (to be continued)

The Ancient Chronicles

Another story about the history of the Ancients themselves seen through their eyes. The author urges you to listen to certain music tracks to put you in the moment. (to be continued)

The Ancients

A prequel set in the Ancient Age. The fall of the Ancients begins in this fan fiction with the creation of Sestren. (to be continued)

The Fall of the Lost Civilisation

Ten thousand years ago humanity thrived at the peak of its civilisation. This fanfic introduces readers to the dark events that led up to the downfall of the Ancient people. (to be continued)

The Story of Drone F07

A piece of Panzer Dragoon Saga fan fiction. It is based around the story of an Azel prototype who awakes in the underground labs of Uru. (complete)

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