Crimson Dragon Official Trailers

Official trailers for Crimson Dragon.

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Crimson Dragon E3 2013 Trailer

The trailer shown at E3 2013, but including sound. It is the first footage of the game running on the Xbox One. The soundtrack used is "The Sorcerer" by Charles Ian Evans.

Crimson Dragon May 2012 Trailer

A trailer that came out in May 2012 shortly before the original release date (before it was delayed). This was the first trailer that showed the gameplay of Crimson Dragon.

Crimson Dragon Tokyo Game Show 2013 Trailer

The Tokyo Game Show 2013 trailer for Crimson Dragon.

Project Draco Tokyo Game Show 2010 Trailer

The first trailer for Project Draco, later named Crimson Dragon. This trailer was shown at Tokyo Game Show 2010.

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