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Wedged Gun Theory

Orta's gun had to have come from somewhere. This theory entertains the possibility that the dragon himself brought the gun to Orta's aid, wedged against his back.

What Happened to the Natural Creatures?

Humans barely survived the downfall of the Ancient Age, but what happened to the natural animals of the Panzer world? Did they go the way of the dinosaur or were there more sinister reasons surrounding their extinction?

What Is Gash's True Identity?

What is it exactly that Edge sees beneath Gash's mask? Was it a hideous scar left behind from some battle with the monsters of the Ancient Age, or could Gash himself be bioengineered?

Who Were the Ancients?

This article attempts to search for an answer to the eternal question of who, or perhaps what, were the Ancients?

Zoah Bible Theory

If the Ancients were the gods mentioned in the books of Zoah, then our eyes have been opened to much of the truth regarding the downfall of the lost civilisation. This theory goes step by step through the books in an attempt to uncover the truth.