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Sky Rider and Dark Dragon's Rider Theory

Here you'll find another comprehensive theory concerning the true nature of the Sky Rider and his dark nemesis, which runs down a long list of reasons explaining why the two masked riders were drones.

Sky Rider Drone Theory

This theory argues that the mysterious Sky Rider was actually a drone, prepared for the Heresy Dragon in the Ancient Age and altered by rebels.

Sunken Tower Theory

Were the underground ruins that Orta travels through in episode 6 one of the Ancient Towers serving as one of the few gateways to Sestren? Read this theory and weigh up the evidence for yourself.

The Heresy Dragon and the Mind-Body Problem

Are the mind and body the same thing, or are they two parts of a whole? This question is discussed in relation to the multiple identities of the Heresy Dragon.

The Heresy Rider

Could the Sky Rider have been occupied by the same entity as Lagi? Here are details, you decide for yourself.

The History of the Panzer Dragoon Community

The article takes a nostalgic look back on how the online Panzer Dragoon community evolved from its humble Yahoo! Club origins and arrived to where it is today.

The Mysterious Altered Genos Map

An analysis of the enigmatic Altered Genos wallpaper, which could contain the only released map of Panzer Dragoon Orta.

The Mystery of Abadd's Masters

It was too late for his Ancient masters, and because of this we may never know who the Ancients actually were. What horrors would have been unleashed if they had returned?

The Mystery of Dragon Crests

Throughout the Panzer Dragoon world a variety of dragon crests can be found hidden in ruins and secret locations. However the reason for their existence still remains a complete mystery.

The Mystery of Orta's Gun

Whether deliberate or initially unintentional, make no mistake: the mystery of how Orta acquired her gun is indeed a mystery.

The Mystery of Shelcoof

Shelcoof destroys Lundi's village and then disappears. But where was it heading towards? Geographic evidence points towards the direction of the Tower of Uru.

The Mystery of that Huge Gaping Hole

The Fallen Ground is home to more than the skeletal remains of an Ancient city. Wars of unimaginable destruction have cut deep into the land and left a permanent scar behind revealing long buried secrets below the surface.

The Mystery of the Ancient Rebels

The Ancients who constructed the Towers didn't build them without any opposition. The question is: what was the extent of this opposition's involvement in the collapse of the Ancient Age. Perhaps these mysterious rebels did their best to prevent it.

The Mystery of the Emerald Dragon

Robert Frazer discusses an early build of Panzer Dragoon. Disclaimer: some facts in this article have been disputed and may be inaccurate.

The Mystery of the Light Wing Project

Long ago the Ancients designed the ultimate form of dragon, but all of a sudden all records of its existence were ordered to be wiped from history. There were certainly people in the Ancient Age who knew more than we do.

The Mystery of the Sky Rider

Yet another summary of the mystery surrounding the rider who died before we ever got the chance to learn more about him. We still don't know who he was and maybe we never will.

Theory of Relative Monstrosity

How were the mutated monsters part of the plan of the Ancients? How do the monsters fit in with Sestren's ecosystem, and why Sestren should not necessarily be thought of as a computer network.

The OVA Sky Rider

This article puts a magnifying lens on the Sky Rider as seen in the original video animation (OVA).

The Writing of Panzer Dragoon

This article looks at similarities and differences between the various symbols that form the Panzer Dragoon language, and speculates on where the people who speak this language may have inherited it.

Transforming Solid Objects Into Pure Energy

Could the Ancients convert matter into energy and back again? More to the point, could the dragon? Decide for yourself.

Version Differences

Surprisingly, there are a number of subtle differences between the various iterations of the Japanese, North American and PAL versions of Panzer Dragoon. Curious minds can read all about some of those differences here.

War Without End Theory

Something went awry in the plans of the Towers' builders. Robert Frazer suggests that the Panzer world has become another battlefield where the ghosts of the Ancients still continue to clash.

Was Radgam Kyle?

Here we take a look at the possibility of Radgam and Kyle being one and the same person, and thus tie up the loose end of Kyle's disappearance.

Was the Dark Rider a Replacement?

The Sky Rider and the Dark Dragon's rider share many similarities. A coincidence? Could the Dark Rider have been a replacement for the Sky Rider, activated after the dragon rebelled against the will of the Ancients?

Was the Garil Desert Once a Lake?

The Garil Desert is home to a number of ruins resembling the stone archways found in the first episode of Panzer Dragoon, and is the grave of an ancient airship. Is there a connection?