Panzer Dragoon Saga Hidden Features

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There are quite of few hidden things in Panzer Dragoon Saga, little secrets here and there that can be found throughout the game, or by playing the game while having a Panzer Dragoon Zwei save file.

Although there don’t seem to be any actual cheats for Panzer Dragoon Saga, there are quite a few quirky features hidden in the game that can be accessed or unlocked if you do certain things.


When you’re looking at an enemy’s 3D model in your “Defeated Enemies” gallery, you can mess around with its colours and shading by pressing Start on a second controller. This will open an editing mode where you can do the following things, still using controller two:

  • Hold X or A to increase or decrease the red hue
  • Hold Y or B to increase or decrease the blue hue
  • Hold Z or C to increase or decrease the yellow hue
  • Hold R or L to increase or decrease the lighting intensity

Pressing Start on controller two again will exit this mode. Note that any changes you make won’t be saved, they’ll simply disappear when you exit.

Slow Down or Speed Up Dialogue

While talking to people in Edge’s areas, you can hold the R button to speed up the spoken dialogue, or hold the L button to slow it down. However, if you try to do this in some of the game’s cut-scenes (the ones that use in-game graphics), you’ll get some slightly amusing results; holding L or R in those sequences will make the whole sequence go into slow motion, or play in fast-forward.

Clear the Disc-Swap Screen

If you simultaneously hold the X, Y and Z buttons on one of the screens that prompts you to switch to the next disc, the text will disappear and the background will lighten, letting you see the artwork more clearly.

Azel and Edge ride the floater.

Azel and Edge ride the floater.

Prominent characters from disc 3.

Prominent characters from disc 3.

Rotate the World Map

This isn’t the biggest extra in the world, but it’s probably worth a mention. If you tap L or R when viewing the world map, you’ll cause the camera to rotate around the 3D landscape; pressing the button additional times will cause it to spin faster.

Features Unlocked with Panzer Dragoon Zwei

When save-game files for both Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Zwei are present in your Saturn’s memory, a few more extra features will be accessible.

Panzer Dragoon Zwei's title screen.

Panzer Dragoon Zwei's title screen.

Panzer Dragoon Saga's title screen.

Panzer Dragoon Saga's title screen.

Collect the Aronak Unit

This strange item can only be obtained in Panzer Dragoon Saga if a Panzer Dragoon Zwei save-game file is present; the Disc 3 Secrets page has info on where to find it.

Begin with Extra Money

Depending on how long the “total time” recorded on your Panzer Dragoon Zwei save-game file is, you’ll start a new game of Panzer Dragoon Saga with more dynes.

Open Pandra’s Box Instantly in Panzer Dragoon Zwei

To unlock all of the hidden features in Panzer Dragoon Zwei, you’d normally have to do one of three things: finish the game with a 100% Shot Down Ratio, finished the game twenty times, or play the game for thirty hours. However, Panzer Dragoon Saga lets you get around this; if you simply have a Panzer Dragoon Saga save-game file in your Saturn’s memory, all of the options in Pandra’s Box will become accessible, regardless of your scores in Panzer Dragoon Zwei. (As well as this though, Panzer Dragoon Saga can also add two final, otherwise inaccessible options to Pandra’s Box, as detailed below.)

Access the Test Episodes in Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Start playing a Panzer Dragoon Saga game disc, and at the title screen, use the Saturn’s soft reset feature (hold down A, B and C and press Start) to reach the system’s control panel. Then, without turning the Saturn’s power off, remove the Panzer Dragoon Saga disc, replace it with the Panzer Dragoon Zwei disc, and start playing that game instead.

The opening shot of the series.

The opening shot of the series.

Kyle looks up at the Sky Rider.

Kyle looks up at the Sky Rider.

You’d normally be shown a short “teaser” full motion video at the beginning of Panzer Dragoon Zwei, before you reached the title screen, but if this trick has worked you’ll be shown the teaser from the first Panzer Dragoon game instead. If you then have a look at your Pandra’s Box menu, you’ll find that two new episodes have become available: “8th” and “Special”.

Unfortunately these episodes are only test versions of episode 7 and episode 2 respectively, and they seem to play just like the versions of those episodes that appear in the finished game. Oddly enough though, while you’re playing the test version of episode 2, the entire “game screen” is reduced to a tiny rectangle in the middle of your TV screen, so you’ll be riding through the canyons and fighting off battleships in miniature.

The only other differences in these test episodes seem to be superficial ones: for example, their in-game titles literally say “Test Episode” and “Episode Test”, and at the end of test episode 2 you don’t get a summary of your score, whereas you’d be given one in the normal game. There are some other minor differences too, but nothing to really get excited about; these test episodes will be permanently unlocked in your Pandra’s Box menu though, so you won’t need to repeat this trick if you want to access them again.

Features Unlocked by Finishing the Game

After you see your final scores at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga, you’ll be prompted to save your game. If you then open this save-game file, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the Tower again, with the world as it was immediately before you entered Sestren. However, you’ll have the info for Sestren and the Anti-Dragons in your “Defeated Enemies” gallery, as well as access to a few other things.

This new feature shows up in your “Defeated Enemies” gallery after finishing the game. It contains info on your own dragon, and not only shows each of its evolutionary models (Valiant Wing, Stripe Wing and so on), but also each class associated with those models (attack class, spiritual class and so on).

Box Game

If you go to your world map after finishing the game, you’ll find that a new location, “Box Game”, has appeared. (The name comes from Panzer Dragoon Zwei, where the menu of hidden features was called “Pandra’s Box”.) If you enter the Box Game you’ll find yourself looking at a new world map, where you can access some pretty strange things.

Dermot’s Ranch

I think it’s safe to say that this is the most utterly bizarre thing in Panzer Dragoon Saga. It’s basically a campsite populated by dragon pups, like the one you can find at Georgius in the main game, and you even control a waddling dragon pup yourself. What’s really weird is that there isn’t actually anything to do here; if you try and examine anything you’ll just get a message made up of random symbols, presumably because dragon pups aren’t masters of English. However, there’s one thing that seems worth mentioning; if you have the hidden Aronak Unit item, try switching it on. If you examine the hologram of a dragon that it creates, the message “!SegaSegaSegaSega!” will appear on the screen.

One possible explanation for Dermot’s Ranch is that it might have been a test area, something that Team Andromeda created so they could make sure the dragon pup was implemented properly. You’ll notice that the other dragon pups at Dermot’s Ranch are each performing a different animation, so everything the dragon pup can do (at a campsite) is happening simultaneously in this area. Considering that Team Andromeda left two “test episodes” in Panzer Dragoon Zwei as unlockable extras, this explanation seems like a good possibility. (Thanks go to Scott for pointing this out to me.)

Ancient Valley

This is a time trial mini-game set in a winding valley, much like Excavation Site #4, and the aim is simply to complete a lap as fast as possible. Getting a good score doesn’t unlock anything further though, unfortunately.

Fleet on the Lake

This is a target practice mini-game set at a repaired Imperial Air Force Post. The aim is to get as high a score as you can in three minutes by “shooting” things with your lock-on lasers; different objects are worth different points, and if you Break multiple targets simultaneously you’ll get a multiplier bonus. Again, bragging rights seem to be your only reward for an outstanding score here.

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