Panzer Dragoon Mini Missing Music

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How to unlock the missing music from the Panzer Dragoon Mini sound test, as well as links to the music itself for convenience.


Missing Music

If you check out the sound test in the options menu, you’ll find two pieces of music that aren’t actually used in the game: the first is tune 010, which is based on the music from episode 6 of Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and the second is tune 012, which is based on the music from the Panzer Dragoon Zwei credits sequence.

As Panzer Dragoon Mini is surprisingly short, and as it doesn’t feature a credits list of any kind, it seems plausible that these pieces of music were intended for another stage and a credits sequence, which may have been planned for the game but not programmed in. Alternatively, tune 010 may have been the music for stage 5 at one point during the game’s development, as stage 5 just has the same music as stage 1 in the finished game. Oddly, there are also no tunes in slots 002 and 009 in the sound test.

Pro Action Replay Codes For Missing Music

Robert Mueller has contributed the following action reply codes for the missing music:

Address:Value - Name
00D2A4:02 - Sound Test Track 2
00D2A4:09 - Sound Test Track 9

Click the above links to test/download the missing tracks for yourself… if your ears have skin thicker than a rhino! Otherwise if you don’t have any desire for your ears to bleed, stay far far away!

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