Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Winged Death Guide

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A guide to getting 100% shot down ratio in Panzer Dragoon Zwei and the ultimate rank of Winged Death. The guide also shows maps of all the stages that show where all the enemies are placed.



I have created this guide for all those perfectionists who seek to get utter perfection in Panzer Dragoon Zwei. I will be covering each episode, the most difficult routes that go along with them, and the many boss battles found after each level. I will go through each episode step by step, enemy after enemy and will be sure to explain just what you have to do, to shoot everything down perfectly. Don’t worry, by using the techniques found in this guide, it won’t be as difficult as you might think it would be.

Destiny Begins

This is the first level of Panzer Dragoon Zwei and just serves as an introductory level to get yourself used to the game. You don’t have to worry about shooting down every enemy, as this level doesn’t count towards the 100% shot down ratio. The level starts off with four flying creatures called xecom. They will fly right in front of you, so lock-on to them and shoot them down. After that, you will notice an assortment of sheds, windmills, and fences, all of which you can shoot down to acquire points. Another wave of 2 xecom monsters will appear, so take them out. After the Guardian Dragon flies toward Shelcoof, a giant boulder will fall from the sky. You can destroy it, or choose to let it destroy itself. After the boulder is destroyed 3 xecom will emerge from the ruble. Destroy them and continue on. Immediately after destroying the 3 xecom, 4 more will need to be taken down. Soon after, an enemy called tadomn will appear in the distance. Take it out quickly, because very shortly a Black Assault Warship will appear to your right. Keep shooting continuously at it with your regular gun ignoring any other enemies you may come across, as it will give you a great amount of points. Soon the level will end and you will be headed to episode 2.

Episode 2 (Route 2, 1 Route Point)

At the start of this level you are greeted by none other than 3 waves of sand burrowers called goliathes. They will emerge from the sand to the south of your radar, right behind you in groups of 3. It should be quite easy to lock-on to and shoot down each wave of 3. After the wave of goliathes is finished, straight ahead of you will be a series of 3 caravan tents. Shoot the tents down with your regular gun and lock-on to and destroy the 2 Meccania gliders that follow. After this is done, a khourieat rider will make his retreat from all of the surrounding chaos. Be sure to lock-on to him and shoot him down as quickly as possible, or he will get away. After the rider and khourieat are taken down, a Meccania glider will appear before you, as well as 2 others behind you. After you take out the 3 gliders with your lock-on lasers, be sure to immediately face north of your radar, and move all the way to your left.

From here the path branches, and to the left you will be taking route 2. This route will have you commencing in a series of air battles so be ready. Once you’re on the path to route 2, shoot down another caravan tent and rider. 2 gliders will follow, so lock-on and eliminate them. Be on guard, soon after the 2 gliders, 4 more will be in your presence. Lock-on to them while they are in front of you, and if you miss any turn around behind you, and lock-on to the rest before they get away. Turn back around to take out yet 2 more Meccania gliders. Continue facing south as a series of 5 gliders will fly strait over you. Lock-on to 4 of them, shoot those down, then nab the last one. Your dragon will now take flight for a series of air battles. 3 gliders will make themselves known to the right, followed by 3 more to the left. Take them out with your ever so handy lock-on lasers. From this point on, just keep locking-on to each wave of enemies unless I say otherwise. Turn to your rear and take out another wave of 3 gliders. Straight in front of you, another set of gliders will appear from the mountains. Take down the 4 of them as well as the 4 that will come from the right. Soon after, a bombardment of laser fire will sour through the sky. Don’t become tense, just stay focused. Shoot down the 3 gliders that will come down from the sky. After that task is complete, 2 warships will appear in the distance, and 4 gliders will fly by. Take down the gliders first, than bring your attention to the warships. You can lock-on to them or shoot them down with your regular gun. Be sure to shoot down any of the spiked balls that come your way with your regular gun fire. 4 more gliders will come forward, so take them out quickly. Now immediately after the 4 gliders, a large group of gliders will come out from the mountains to your left. You can choose to lock-on to all of them until they are destroyed, or if you want to play it safe, use your berserk attack to make quick work of them. Next, to your right a battle cruiser will come into view. You can take it out fairly quickly with your regular gun fire. After this, gliders in groups of 2 will come from the left and right hand sides. Once those are obliterated, take out the 3 warships that appear. After doing so, 3 more gliders will come from the front and 2 more battle cruisers will be to your left. When you are finished sinking the warships, your dragon will descend to the ground, and you can relax for a while until the boss fight occurs.

Boss Fight With Transport Ship

Basically the only tactic you need to use for this boss is multiple lock-on fire. Move the cursor around in a circular motion as you lock on to multiple areas of the transport ship. Once you reach your maximum lock on capacity, the lock-on indicators should turn red. This is when you should fire. As you continue your assault, watch out for any missiles he may shoot at you, and be sure to dodge or shoot down the various falling parts of the ship. The gray sections of the ship will fall off eventually, revealing a series of missiles. Be sure to shoot these down for extra points. Just don’t come into contact with them, as they can take serious damage. Just continue locking-on to the transport ship and soon you will be victorious.

Episode 3 (Route 2, 1 Route Point)

This level begins with an assault on your dragon by 4 Meccania speeder bikes. Note, all of the Meccania speeder bikes found in this level actually take 2 shots from your lock-on lasers to finally go down. One more thing before you begin: save your berserk attack, as you will need it later. Lock-on to each of the 4 speeder bikes and unleash your lasers. Repeat this process once more, and they will go down. 3 more will ascend to your left so lock-on to them, fire, and repeat. After the assault by the speeder bikes, a wave of 5 cannon barges will attempt to take you out. Make sure you lock-on to each of their 4 sections, just to be sure they get destroyed completely. Sometimes if you only lock-on to 2 or 3 sections of the cannon barges, one lone barge can survive and get away. Just dodge their cannon fire, as you need to lock-on to them as quickly as possible. Next, 3 more speeder bikes will appear to your left, and move steadily to your right, so take them out just like before. After that, 3 more will rush under you, and move over to the left once more. Lock-on to the 3 bikes and demolish them. Now this is where things will get a little tricky, if you’re not fast enough. We are going to need to get over to route 2, as the path will soon branch off. Now 3 speeder bikes will appear right under you, as well as another wave of 3 on your right. You need to take out both waves of 3 as fast as you can. Start with the ones that are below you. Move the cursor to the last one on the right, and drag the cursor in a straight line over to the one on the left, until you lock-on to the 3 of them. Let go, and unleash your laser fire. Repeat this once more, again as quick as you can. Once the 3 below you are destroyed, immediately move to your right and take out the other 3 in the same manner. Once you take those out, move as much to the left as you can and take route 2. Now if you didn’t kill each wave of enemies fast enough you will miss route 2 and be forced to take route 1. We don’t want this to happen, because we are going to focus on route 2.

Once down the path to route 2, 4 enemies called gimn will fly in front of you. Lock-on to all 4 of them and fire away. 4 more will appear so take those out also. Now at this point you will need to use your berserk attack fairly often. Right after the 4 gimn are done with, an assault battleship will make its descent from the forest canopy. Begin by shooting at it with your regular gun. Very shortly it will release a series of smaller enemies. This is the time to use your berserk attack. Keep facing straight until all the smaller enemies are destroyed. The battleship will now move to the right so you do so as well. Your berserk should still be active and will still be shooting towards the battle ship as well as 2 gimn. Once the 2 gimn are taken out quickly move to the north of your radar. 2 more gimn will be waiting for you to obliterate them with your berserk laser. Now turn back to the battle ship and your berserk should now end. Continue to shoot at the battleship with your regular gun rapidly. It will move to the front and your berserk bar should have filled up a bit. The ship will unleash more small enemies, so use your berserk attack again to completely destroy them all. It will unload a second wave of small monsters, all of which you will have to take out yourself for now. There are 3 of them so lock-on to all 3 of the monsters and the black ship if you can. Once you fire your lasers, all of the monsters will die and the black ship should be destroyed as well. If it isn’t, just shoot at it for a little longer with your regular gun and it will fall to the ground and explode. A short time after the ship is destroyed, 2 gimn will appear to your left. Lock-on and destroy them. There will be a period of calm, before yet another assault battleship brings itself before you. Start by firing at it with regular gun fire. It will unleash 2 waves of smaller monsters again. Lock-on and take out each wave of 3, making sure to fire at the ship with your regular gun, in between each wave of monsters. Soon after, the battle ship will move to the right and 3 gimn will fly in front of you. Lock-on and take them out as fast as you can and continue firing at the battle ship as if flies overhead. Next, a lone gimn will appear, so take it out and continue your assault on the ship with your gun fire. Your berserk attack should be half way full by now, so use it once the battle ship unleashes its 3 smaller monsters. Once the 3 monsters are destroyed, immediately move to your right and take out 2 more gimn with your berserk lasers. Once they are destroyed, move back to the ship and finish it off along with its last wave of small monsters, with the last of your berserk attack. Note, if you don’t finish off the ship fast enough, 4 more gimn will appear to your right, so take them out and quickly destroy the battle ship. You can rest easy and take a break from all of the intense chaos before you arrive to fight the boss.

Boss Fight with Golia Tracker

The golia tracker will come from behind, so if it hasn’t arrived yet, turn south of your radar and when it appears, greet it by unleashing a series of lock-on lasers. It will drop down north of your radar, so start your lock-on laser assault. It will jump behind you and begin to move to your dragon’s left hand side. Be sure to shoot lock-on lasers while it is moving. He will switch over to the right hand side, and will shoot red plasma blasts your way. Shoot the plasma down with regular gun fire, so it doesn’t hit you, and quickly look behind you, as the golia will fire another wave of red plasma. Next, it will jump into the air moving near the top of the canopy. You can make it fall to the ground fairly quickly, if you move the cursor around in a circular motion, locking-on to multiple sections of the golia. When you unleash your lasers, the golia will fall to the ground. Keep locking-on and firing at the golia, and it will jump behind you once more. It will move to the right and continue moving forward. The golia will keep moving to the left and right sides, just be careful for the red plasma it will fire. It will jump into the air again, so move the cursor in a circular motion once more, locking-on, and firing at the golia, and it should fall down. When it drops to the ground, watch out, as it will pound the ground, starting with its left claw. The right claw will come crashing down immediately after. Don’t get pounded by its claws, or you might just lose your life. It will jump into the air one last time moving across the canopy again, so move the cursor in a circular motion once more, locking-on and firing at the golia and its many projectiles it throws down. When it drops down it will fire a spinning object headed your way, but just keep locking-on and firing at the golia, making sure not to come into contact with the deadly projectile. The golia should be near death at this point, and when it does die, it will jump into the air and plummet to the ground. Now here is where you can rack up points. Right when it falls to the ground, aim your regular gun fire near its mouth area and continue shooting the red plasma blasts it will release. The golia tracker is defeated and you are on your way to episode 4.

Episode 4 (Route 3, 2 Route Points)

Now this is quite a challenging level if your not fast enough, but don’t worry, I will explain some simple strategies to make sure you shoot every enemy down. Now make sure you use your lock-on lasers at all times. And just like in the previous episode, save your berserk attack, as you will need it at a certain point which I will explain later. Start by shooting down waves of sweepers which come in sets of 3. After the second wave, move up and all the way to the right. We are going down route 3.

Once through the gate, lock-on to the 3 sweepers that appear and take them out. A lone sweeper will rise up from the water, so take it out quickly. Right after this, 2 more will appear; take them out as well. Another wave of 2 will appear. Take those down as fast as possible, because a wave of 5 sweepers will be in front of you immediately after. Make sure you lock-on to all 5 and shoot them down. A wave of 2 sweepers will fly past you after this. Once you take them out, things are going to get a little intense. I am going to show you a little trick, so you shoot every enemy in this tunnel down. You will need to save your berserk attack, since you are going to need it very soon. Now you are going to have to do this very fast, so stay focused. It even may take a little practice, but you can do it. Okay once you take down the 2 sweepers, quickly turn to your rear, south on your radar. First, an enemy will appear to your left, lock-on and shoot it down. Second, an enemy will appear to your right, so lock-on and take it down as well. Third, 2 enemies will fly above you, lock-on to both of them and destroy them. Fourth, an enemy will appear to your left, again lock-on and take it down. Finally, an enemy will appear to your right, take it out as fast as possible, because you will need to immediately turn back around, North of your radar, lock-on, and shoot down 4 sweepers straight ahead before they get away. The easiest way to take down the 4 sweepers is to move the cursor around in a circular motion as you lock on and shoot them down. Now was that intense or what?! Next, lock-on and shoot down 6 sweepers that will come from behind. So far you are in good shape and very shortly you will be using your berserk attack. After the 6 sweepers are destroyed, face to the south of your radar directly behind you. A massive number of enemies will come from behind, so be sure you activate your berserk laser to shoot down the ones behind you. After that, quickly turn to the front, to get the last remaining few. When that’s completed, 3 beefly will rise up. Just use your trusty lock-on lasers and send them to the next world. 2 more will rise, followed by another wave of 3. Once they are gone, you will have to shoot down a lone beefly. Be careful after this, because the many gates you fly through will begin closing, leaving you little space to fly through. When you get to the second gate, a wave of 3 sweepers will come from behind and move to the front of your dragon. Lock-on to as many as you can and if you miss any, quickly turn around to destroy the ones remaining. You will soon fly straight down, only to have 2 sweepers appear with one coming from behind. When your flying straight down, lock-on to the 3 in front of you and quickly turn around to nab the last remaining enemy, before you are ambushed by yet more sweepers. You must take them down very fast. Another wave of 2 will rise form the water. Lock-on and demolish them. You will fly straight down again and be greeted by 2 more enemies. You know what to do. Next, 2 more sweepers will appear, followed by a wave of 4. Once that’s done with, face forward, as 3 more gates will begin to close. After you fly through the last gate 3 enemies will fly above you. Lock-on and destroy them as fast as you can. You will fly through 2 more gates, and will have to shoot down 3 more sweepers. After winding around a few corners, 2 beeflys will emerge from the water. Make quick work of them. When you turn the corner, a series of hanging objects will be obstructing your path, so just move the cursor left and right across the top of he objects while locking-on, then shoot them all down. A final sweeper will rise from the water after this, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to blow it to pieces. The level is nearly coming to an end, as you are confined to a narrow passageway, revealing an elongated bridge. Even before you come onto the bridge hold down your lock-on button and position the cursor near the end of the bridge. You will begin to lock-on to a series of teketeke stationed there. Destroy them all, and you will be heading into the boss fight.

Boss Fight With Guardian

At the start of this fight, the guardian will just swim around for a while. Just keep facing forward as he will eventually rise up from the water above you. You can choose to lock-on and fire at it, or you can just use your regular gun fire, which also works pretty well. It will dive under the water and emerge to your dragon’s left hand side. Continue shooting at it, making sure to destroy the plasma it shoots at you with your regular gun. Next, it will move behind you, knocking away parts of the bridge. Just keep firing away, as he submerges and reemerges. The bridge will soon be completely destroyed. Your dragon and the guardian will now take flight. Try to get your lock-on to its maximum, before firing at it. You will get more points this way. It will soon submerge underwater and little red projectiles will appear. There is an easy way to dodge the projectiles, while at the same time destroying them, and getting a few hits in at the guardian. They will appear in long strings. What you need to do is start from the first projectile on the left hand side, lock-on to it, drag your cursor across the lot of them until you lock-on to as many as possible, let go, and destroy them, all while moving around the screen in a circular motion, each time repeating the process. And if you are real good, you can lock-on to the guardian and hit him as well. After the series of projectiles are destroyed, the guardian will emerge from the watery depths, shooting lasers from the left and right sides. Dodge the lasers, bring your lock-on icons to their maximum, and fire. If you want to end the fight quicker you can use your berserk attack, but if you want to acquire as many points as you can, just continue your assault. If you still haven’t killed it yet, the guardian will release a series of spinning projectiles which emit plasma. Fly around in a circular motion much like when you fought the red projectiles, locking-on to them, and the guardian. Fire away, and repeat the process until the guardian is destroyed. When the guardian is defeated it will start to self destruct. You may not know this, but you can keep locking-on and firing at its head area and multiple sections of its tail, until it submerges into the water. You have won the battle and are moving on to episode 4.

Episode 5

Immediately fire your berserk attack at the giant nooth when starting this level. After your berserk runs out, finish the nooth off with your lock-on lasers. Make sure to dodge the blue plasma his minions shoot out. When the nooth goes down, look behind you. Very shortly, a small monster called tarran will rise up from the water. Shoot it down, as well as the 3 others that appear. Another wave of 3 tarans will rise, so lock-on to them and shot them down. Right after you shoot the last 3 tarans down, a large group will emerge from the water below. Move the cursor around in a circular motion while locking-on to each one, and destroy them. Now move to the east of your radar to shoot down another large group of tarans. Just use the same tactic you used on the others. A large group will now appear to the North of your radar. Take them out with lock-on lasers, and use your berserk attack for the next group that rise form the icy water. Next, 3 waves of tarans strung together will fly in front of you. Try to lock-on to each of their multiple sections to get the most points possible. Once they are all defeated you will face the Nooth for the final time, in a boss fight.

Boss Fight With Nooth

This boss fight is pretty easy. You need to use your regular gun fire. If you try locking-on and firing at it, the nooth’s shield will just protect it from and laser fire. Continue to fire at the nooth and the missiles it shoots at you. The nooth shoots lasers at you, but for some odd reason they never actually hit you. Note, if you destroy the nooth’s shield, it will become enraged and begin to shoot berserk lasers at you. Just finish him off at this stage with your berserk attack and victory is yours.

Episode 6

At the start of this episode you will first come across 2 hatches which will emit 4 small enemies called shellfish. Lock-on and take the 4 of them out. Next, lock-on to and destroy the 2 laser towers right in front of the 2 hatches, as well as the other 6 straight ahead of you. Then, turn behind you and lock-on to the 2 tanks as well as the 3 flying sealances, and blow them all away. Keep facing in your current direction. A hatch will open up revealing 3 more shellfish. Lock-on and take them down. Now face forward and shoot down 3 tanks with your lock-on lasers. After this, 3 more sealances will fly over head. Be sure to lock-on, and kill them before they get away. Once the 3 sealances are destroyed, immediately activate your berserk attack. Your berserk lasers will obliterate anything that comes into your path. If you didn’t activate your berserk, it would have been quite hard to take every last enemy out before you enter Shelcoof.

There may be a couple enemies remaining before you get inside, but it is not too hard to nab them quickly before you enter. Once inside the ship, 4 enemies will be waiting for you behind the door that opens. Try to take them down even before passing through the door, with your lock-on lasers. After that, you will have to destroy 3 tanks found on the sides of the ship. Be on guard, 2 sealances will appear suddenly behind another door. Lock-on and shoot them down quickly, or you will miss them. Next, you will arrive in a passageway containing 6 tanks. Move the cursor around each tank, lock-on and fire. Once through the next door, 8 sealances will now be flying ahead of you. The best way to take them all out is to move the cursor yet again in a circular motion, while locking-on to each one, taking them down all in one swoop.

You will now be outside the ship and straight ahead, you will have to completely destroy Shelcoof’s engine rudders, as well as the missile pods and laser bays found to the right, along the outside of the ship. You can get a massive amount of points here if you max out your lock-on laser icons, until they turn red, and release. Repeat this process until everything is destroyed. Save your berserk attack because you will need it later. After everything is destroyed you will be headed back inside the ship. You will come face to face with 3 sealances. Shoot them down, as well as the 3 others you will face soon after. Get ready because you will move through the next 2 passageways very quickly and you will have to lock-on and shoot down a large group of sealances. If you miss any, turn around quickly, and make an attempt to destroy the ones that got away.

The passageways will end and you will be outside the ship. Start by moving the cursor around, locking-on to the various hanging objects found on the undershide of Shelcoof. A group of 3 sealances will fly by, so shoot them down as well as the 3 others that fly up from the right side. After that is done, a hatch straight in front of you will open up and you will have to shoot down 3 shellfish. Now turn so you’re facing south on your radar and activate your berserk attack, which will take out the 3 hanging laser cannons and the 3 sealances that will appear soon after. After you take out the 3 sealances with your berserk attack, turn back around north on your radar, quickly take out the next 3 shellfish that appear from the hatch, then immediately turn behind you and take out 3 more sealances and your berserk should end.

Boss Fight With Guardian Dragon Cocoon

Now this may seem like a difficult fight. Once you begin to break him out of his cocoon, the Guardian Dragon will throw a bombardment of laser fire and projectiles at you. Now if you use the same strategy I told you to use when fighting the red projectiles that the episode 4 guardian boss threw at you, it should be an easy battle. Don’t worry about the little enemies he spews out, as they don’t count towards the 100% shot down ratio. So move the dragon and the cursor around in a circular motion, dodging the laser fire and locking-on to the cocoon at the same time. There are only two main green laser attacks you have to worry about. The first green laser attack will shoot out from above, leaving an opening in the middle and will quickly move downward closing the gap. For this attack stay up high in the middle of the opening and you will be safe. The second green laser attack will shoot forward and move around in a circular motion so in order to dodge it, you do so as well. Keep locking-on and firing at the cocoon in a circular pattern, until the Guardian Dragon cocoon is defeated.

Last Episode-Boss Fight With the Guardian Dragon

You have arrived at the final battle and should have morphed into Solo Wing. Start by locking on and firing at its head area. It will soon turn around and begin to fire a large amount of acid form its tail. It will then open up its many tail-like appendages. Be sure to fly through the opening to the left of the upper middle tail. Continue to fire at various areas on its head and tail. The Guardian Dragon will soon begin to shoot out a stream of smaller monsters. Shoot them all down one by one with your regular gun. After this, face forward. The Guardian Dragon will open up its tails again, but this time you will need to fly through the opening above the left tail. Now you will have to shoot down some smaller monsters. When they are all destroyed, you will get another change to lock-on and fire. The next part of this boss battle can be fatal if you don’t dodge the Guardian Dragon’s attacks. It will start by flying up in front of you. Move all the way to the left and stay there. After a short time the dragon will attempt to take you out with its tail, so move out of the way. Next, move all the way to the right and hold your position. It will come forward and try to whack you with its tail yet again. Make sure you dodge his oncoming attack Any of these attacks could kill your dragon if you have lost any life previously during the battle. The Guardian Dragon will charge you 2 more times, so just use the same tactic. The dragon’s next attack will be a series of blue lasers which you can dodge pretty easily. After that attack, he will shoot out steams of red laser fire. To dodge them move far upward, far to the left, downward, and repeat until the laser fire ends. Repeat this process, as he will fire another series of red laser fire shortly after, followed by another stream of blue laser fire. Now if you haven’t defeated him yet, from this point on he will do the same attack pattern starting form the beginning. Once you defeat him, you should now fight his final form.

Boss Battle With Guardian Dragon Part 2

His final form isn’t too much of a challenge. The only thing you need to do is lock-on and fire at it. Be sure to dodge his stream of acid, as well as the many energy blasts he will shoot at you towards the middle of the battle. When he shoots the energy blasts at you, just move the dragon around in a circular motion and they won’t hit you. After a long period of locking-on to it and dodging his energy attacks, the battle should be yours and you will have beaten the game. Give yourself some credit for all of your hard work.


So did you get the best dragoon rank of Winged Death? Well, that’s okay if you didn’t. Practice makes perfect. Don’t give up, if you have the determination you will eventually succeed. I hope this guide was a big help to those who wanted to get utter perfection along with the best ranking possible.

Special Thanks

…to these sources for the various official enemy names and illustrations which are included in this guide:

Special Thanks to Lagi: The Art of Panzer Dragoon

Special Thanks to Panzer Dragoon Academy

Special Thanks to AstroBlue for his Panzer Dragoon Zwei guide, which was the first to include all of the official enemy names.

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