Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Secrets

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This page mentions a number of hidden secrets that can be found within Pandra's Box, Panzer Dragoon Zwei's collection of extra options and unlockables.


Pandra’s Box

When you complete the game, go to the options screen and you will see the option for Pandra’s Box. If you turn it on your saved game will be wiped, and you won’t be able to save anymore (don’t worry, you can turn it off again) but the results are more than worth it. In Pandra’s Box you will be able to select various options, levels, extra weapons, and dragon types. The better you do at the regular game, the more options you’ll unlock.

Get all of Pandra’s Box

To get all the options in Pandra’s Box, you’ll need to complete the game with a 100% shot down ratio and a rank of Winged Death. If this proves too much of a challenge, playing the game for thirty hours will unlock all the hidden options anyway.

Space Harrier and Dragon Only Mode

Once all options are unlocked in Pandra’s Box, go to the life selection. Choose Lundi for Space Harrier Mode and Lagi for Dragon Only Mode.

Control Berserk with 3D Controller

Technically not a cheat, but a bug fix. When using the 3D controller that came packaged with NiGHTS Into Dreams, the dragon’s berserk attack can sometimes fire automatically when the L or R Trigger is pressed. This can be fixed by going into the game options and setting the X Button to ‘No Use’. Don’t worry, you can still use berserk with the Y or Z button.

Panzer Dragoon Saga Options

Make sure you have a save file for Panzer Dragoon Saga in the Saturn’s memory. Now put the Panzer Dragoon Zwei disc into the machine and you’ll have all the options in Pandra’s Box. If you do this without powering down the saturn you’ll notice the FMV introduction is the intro from the original Panzer Dragoon!

Blow Up the Episode 3 Boss

At the conclusion of episode 3, when you fight the boss, wear its health bar down till the gauge is nearly empty and then launch your berserk attack. Rather than falling in a heap it will cause the creature to explode.

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