Orta's Father Theory

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The common belief is that Orta's father was Edge, the main character from Panzer Dragoon Saga. But do we really know this for sure? Azel may have used Craymen's DNA instead, as suggested in this theory.

It can be assumed from what Abadd tells Orta and the clues found within the message that Orta finds, that Azel is her mother. In Panzer Dragoon Orta, Abadd speaks to Orta about her creation, he says, “You were created with her genes and the human gene data found within Sestren.” When Abadd said “her” it most certainly pointed to the possibility that Azel was the mother, as she was or resembled a female drone. Also within the message that Orta found, the female voice, which most likely was Azel’s, tells Orta, at the end of her fruitless searches, Orta was her only answer. If you remember correctly at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga, Azel left on a great journey to supposedly, find Edge. So was her journey fruitless, was Edge no where to be found? The female voice said, “You were my only answer. Born from a human and a drone.” This leads us to believe that Azel created her.

So with all of these clues, we can conclude that Azel must be the mother. Who was the father of Orta? There may be enough clues to suggest Azel being the mother, but we have little to no clues as to who Orta’s father is. Presumably you would think that Orta’s father would be Edge as he was last seen within the depths of Sestren at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Maybe Azel didn’t truly love Edge, maybe she had stronger feelings for the man who woke her from her endless sleep, Craymen. Azel was very loyal to him, and that loyalty could have developed into something more.

From much speculation about Azel’s true feelings toward Edge and the changes made to the dialogue by Chris Lucich, the rewriter of the Panzer Dragoon Saga dialogue, It has been said that Azel didn’t truly love Edge. Chris Lucich didn’t know Japanese, so it was a challenge for him to change the dialogue from Engrish (English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design) to proper understandable English. His translation was very incomplete and much of what he wrote was from what he knew of the story and from what was going on onscreen. So he supposedly added in a love element that didn’t belong in the original story. From what people have said, in the Japanese version of Panzer Dragoon Saga, Azel had a stronger relationship with Craymen. The final scene just before Edge left to fight Sestren, was not meant to show Azel’s deep feelings toward Edge. When Edge left to fight Sestren, Azel didn’t say,”I love you”, she said, “I….” Whether she was going to say she loved Edge, cannot be proven.

After her failed attempt to find Edge she decided to create a child, this child would be made from a part of herself and a part of a human of which she was very close to. Now whether Craymen’s DNA was also in Sestren along with Edge’s DNA is a mystery. Although, Craymen did die inside the Tower. It could have been possible for his DNA to be carried on inside Sestren by a creature of the Tower. If Orta’s birthplace was within Sestren, Azel could have used a sample of Craymen’s DNA she somehow acquired to create Orta. So if Azel didn’t love Edge, she most likely would have chose Craymen, a man of which she had a strong relationship with.

In the message found by Orta, Azel also says,”My child you carry my spirit and his as well.” Azel’s main objective was to help Edge save the world from the will of the Ancients. Craymen also had the spirit deep down within him to make a change in the world as well. He hoped to change the world just as much as Azel did. So is Craymen’s spirit to change the world, within Orta? If you examine Orta closely, she looks nothing like Edge, but has a great resemblance to Craymen. Now lets compare Edge to Craymen. Edge’s hair color is brown and his eye color is red. Craymen’s hair color is gray, the same color as Orta’s hair, and his eye color is dark brown, also resembling Orta’s eye color. None of Edge’s traits appear to be present in Orta. So you have to wonder, is Craymen Orta’s father? It is not official, but it is a possibility.

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